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Favorite Music Guru Spotify 2024 | Find Your Music History

Sometimes, when we are scrolling through social media and a random post comes up with a song that we used to listen to a few months or years ago, it recalls the memories, and we are urged to listen to our old playlists and songs. We opened Spotify and tried to find our old playlists or songs, but we couldn’t.

Favourite Music Guru is the best solution for those who want to dig into the past and see their memories. Because every song contains a memory, and whenever we listen to old songs, we remember the old memories

What is a Favorite Music Guru, & How does it work?

When we use Music Guru and log in with the same account that we use in the Spotify app, it integrates with the servers of Spotify. It looks at the history of our account like our searched songs, listened to songs, liked songs, playlists, current and deleted playlists, and artists that we liked over the years.

How to find Top Tracks & Artists using Favorite Music Guru Spotify?

How to unlink or logout Favorite Music Guru from Spotify?

  • From your browser, go Official Spotify Website and log in to your account
  • Click on your profile icon and select the account, as shown in the pictures below.
  • Click on Manage Apps and then click on Remove Access. Follow the steps as mentioned by numbering on screenshots, and you will be able to unlink it from Spotify.

Is Spotify Favorite Music Guru not working?

There could be three possible reasons why it’s not working. Check everything carefully, and it will start working on your device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Music Guru?



  • You can not be able to use it on other apps other than Spotify
  • Its graphics are very poor

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is absolutely free and safe to use. I used it on every device to test if this is safe to use, and yes, it is fully free and safe.

No, it will not work for any other music app other than Spotify.

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