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How to see Spotify Wrapped? | What is Spotify Wrapped?

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is a short recap of your activities on Spotify throughout the year: what song categories or genres you listened to the most, which songs you liked the most, which artists you listened to the most in the previous year, which podcasts you have heard, how many total minutes you streamed the songs in the whole year, and more.

Spotify tracks your every activity, listening behavior, and music taste and provides you with an organized report, which is also called Spotify Wrapped, at the end of the year. You can also share your activities or report on social media platforms, make a playlist of your top 100 songs, or see your top artists.

When is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify stopped collecting your data in the last week of October, and Spotify wrapped starts at the end of November or at the start of December every year since 2015. You can easily find your check your wrapped result in the Spotify app every year when it starts.

How to see Spotify wrapped?

You can see your Spotify Wrapped on your Spotify app or through any web browser. Sometimes, wrapped doesn’t show up on your Mobile app, so do not worry; you can also access it on any web browser.

How to see Spotify wrapped on Spotify app?

  • The wrapped story consists of many different parts; Top genres, Map of the people with similar listening habits, total minutes listened to songs.
  • When you see a story about your top songs, you can click the button “Add to Library,” and your top 100 songs will be added to your library.
  • If you are a podcast listener, you will see a story about your top podcasts and the total minutes you spent listening to podcasts.
  • At the last story of your Spotify wrapped, you will see a card in which your top artists, top songs, minutes listened, and top generation will be shown.

How to get Spotify wrapped on a web browser?

  • Open any web browser and search
  • Tap on the login button
  • Login to your account using your email and password 
  • You Wrapped stories will be shown

Why is Spotify Wrapped not showing up?

Sometimes your app crashes, or due to some bugs, you are now able to see Spotify wrapped; some methods can fix your Spotify wrapped

  • Update your Spotify app
  • Go to any web browser and search for
  • Open your mobile settings and privacy, search for storage and tap clear cache in your storage section

Can you see your past Spotify wrapped?

You can not see your old wrapped stories, but you can find your old Spotify-wrapped top song playlists for previous years from Spotify’s official website. You must have created the playlist for that year.

Can you see your past spotify wrapped

How to share your wrap results?

  • You can easily share your Spotify-wrapped result by tapping on the share button at the bottom of every story.
  • Then selecting the social media app on which you want to share your result.
  • You can also download that story on your device by clicking on the download button.

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

You can see your Spotify stats in Spotify-wrapped stories.

No, Spotify wrapped is for every user no matter if the user is premium or free.

You can see Spotify-wrapped characters in the stories of Wrap.

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