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How to remove followers on Spotify?

Spotify provides its users with a number of features to enjoy music. It allows you to make your playlists and share them with your friends and family, but sometimes, you don’t want specific persons to see or follow your playlists, so you simply need to block them from your Spotify account.

I have explained every method on How to remove followers on Spotify for both desktop and mobile below.

Can you remove followers on Spotify?

Spotify has recently introduced this new feature by which you can easily block a person having a Spotify account. The user can be from your followers or from the people you follow because sometimes it becomes annoying for you if any unknown person sees your listening activity, so you can simply block and unblock them rather than remove them from your followers’ list.

How to remove followers on Spotify using a desktop?

You can simply restrict access to the ones you want your playlist to be shared by hiding the listening activity or by blocking the user account.

Follow these steps to do this:

Hide listening activity

By doing this, your follower will not be removed but he will not be able to see your listening activity but will still see your Profile.

Block the user:

In case you don’t want the user to see your Profile even, block the user so that he will not be able to find your account and will also not be shown in your followers list.

  • In Spotify, open Profile
  • Tap on the Follower
  • Your followers will be shown; tap on the one you want to block
  • Tap on three dots and then on Block
  • Tap on Block in the new window appeared

How to remove followers on Spotify using a mobile?

Private listening activity

Block followers

  • Log in to Spotify and click on Settings
  • Click on View profile
  • Click on Followers shown in numbers
  • If that Profile is not present in your followers, search by username
  • Hit the username and then on three dots
  • Tap on Block 
  • Tap Block again in the other window shown

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