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How to Listen to Spotify with Friends? | Spotify Group Session | Spotify Jam

Spotify group session is an amazing feature that unites people from all over the world through music. You can create a group session, invite your loved ones, and listen to your favorite music together.

I have explained every step in detail with screenshots of How to listen to Spotify with friends?

Spotify Group Session or Spotify Jam

Spotify Group Session, also known as Spotify Jam, is a unique feature introduced by Spotify that brings friends together regardless of living in a different city or country. However, Spotify group sessions can only be used with a premium subscription. 

Spotify Jam allows you to start a listening party on Spotify to invite friends and listen to your favorite songs. In the Spotify listening party, everyone can change, pause, select, or add different songs to the queue. Everyone will listen to the same songs, recalling your good old memories and childhood days.

How to listen to Spotify with Friends?

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