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How to upload a podcast on Spotify? | How do I create a Podcast?

Podcasts are the most trending topic on every social media platform and even on TV. They are one of the best mediums for learning about everything by listening and discovering new things about your favorite topics. You can earn money by creating your own Podcast and gain a lot of fame and followers by making podcasts. 

Spotify is one of the best platforms for starting your Podcast, and it can help you achieve everything mentioned above. So, how to upload a podcast on Spotify? I have created a step-by-step guide with screenshots and a video to make things easy for you.

What is Spotify Podcast & How do I create a podcast?

Spotify Podcast

You can start a podcast on any topic you like and reach your target audience, giving your fans knowledge about your topic. Make different episodes on your topic, and you can also monetize your Podcast and earn money.

How do I create a podcast?

  • Make a Spotify account
  • Start a podcast
  • Put your podcast details
  • Upload your audio files
  • Put your episode details
  • Upload a cover photo and publish
  • Full detailed steps and videos are mentioned below

What is RSS Feed Spotify and How Does it Work?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” In other words, RSS is a file in which all information about your Podcast is stored.

For Example, you have created a podcast on Spotify and written a description of your Podcast, title, genre, topic, image, etc. All these things can be considered data for your Podcast, and in short, we call it an RSS feed.

Now, if you want to host the same Podcast on any other platform like Amazon Music, you don’t need to create everything again, like the description, topic, title, image, etc. You just need to copy the RSS feed and paste it on Amazon Music, and the same Podcast with all your data will be hosted on Amazon Music as well. In this way, RSS feeds save you time and effort.

How to meet Spotify Podcast Requirements?

If you want to make a podcast on Spotify, you must fulfill some important requirements that I have mentioned below.

  • Your Audio Quality must be between 120 Kbps and 320 Kbps.
  • Spotify recommended that the audio length of each episode be an hour or less.
  • The video format should be MP4 with AAC-LC.
  • The audio or video file size must not exceed two GBS.
  • The recommended image size from Spotify is 3000×3000 px, or 1:1, and the format should be JPG, JPEG, and PNG. File size should be less than 30 Mbps

How to Upload a podcast on Spotify?

  • Click on “Account overview” and then click on “Continue to the app.”
  • Click on agree to the terms and conditions and press the save button.
  • Click on “Let’s do it.”
  • Upload your audio file by clicking “Select file”.  
  • Write a “Title” and “Description” of your Episode
  • Choose the options for “Publish Date,” “Explicit Content,” and “Promotional Content” according to your Episode and content and click “Next.”
  • Press on the “Cross Button” at the top right corner of your screen and click on “Save Draft.”
  • You will get an email from Spotify Podcasters. Open the mail and tap on “Confirm Email,” and your email will be verified.
  • Now click on “Finish Episode,” and if you don’t get this option; then, on the home page, click on  “Three Dots”  in front of your Episode and select “View Episode Details.”
  • A new tab will open; write your “Podcast name” and “Description.”
  • Write the Podcast’s Author Name, Category, and Language, and click on “Continue.”
  • Tap on “Upload an Image” for your Podcast cover and click “Continue.”
  • Tap on “Publish” and then “Continue.”
  • Click on “Enable RSS Feed.”
  • Tap on “Home” from the left sidebar, and Click “Not Right Now,” and then click “Finish.”

If you follow all these steps, you will be able to upload your podcast easily on Spotify. If you still need help understanding the process from the steps and screenshots, don’t worry. I have also attached the complete video so you can easily create and upload your podcast to Spotify. 

How to upload a podcast on Spotify using RSS Feed?

  • Go to Spotify Podcasters and Log in to your account using your email and password, or sign up.
  • Click on “I have Podcast.”
  • Click on “Spotify Podcasters” if your Podcast is on Spotify or select “Somewhere Else” if you have created a Podcast on any other platform.
  • Click on “I Accept” or Agree to the terms and conditions and then click on “Get Started.”
  • Paste your RSS feed link from the other platform, and your Podcast will be hosted on Spotify Podcasters.

How to switch to Spotify for Podcast Hosting?

  • Open Spotify Podcasters on any web browser and log in with your email and password
  • Click on “Switch my Podcast Host.”
  • Tap on “Switch Now”
  • Enter your RSS feed link from the other hosting platform where your Podcast is currently hosted
  • “Redirect Your Feed” to Spotify Podcasters permanently

Why Spotify for Podcasts?

Spotify is one of the biggest and most popular music streaming and podcast hosting platforms in the world, with over 500 million users. Studies show that over thirty percent of podcast listeners use Spotify. Choosing Spotify as a host for your Podcast means you can attract more listeners and followers.

Your Podcast will be visible to podcast fans and Spotify fans, and the chance of your Podcast getting heard by massive listers and getting more followers will definitely be higher on Spotify. 

You can also monetize your podcasts on Spotify and earn money from them. Spotify pays a good amount of money per stream of your Podcast. This is why you should choose Spotify for podcasts over other Podcast hosting Platforms.

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free to upload a podcast on Spotify. I have explained every step and also attached a video in this article on how to upload a podcast on Spotify.

Yes, You can monetize your Podcast to earn money. Spotify will give you a good amount per stream of your Podcast.

You can start a podcast by following all the simple steps I have mentioned in this article or by watching the video I have attached. After making a podcast, you can monetize it and make money.

You can post a podcast on many podcast hosting platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and many more. But I suggest you make a podcast on Spotify, share it on other platforms with an RSS feed, and monetize it on every platform to make money.

In my experience, Spotify is the best platform to host your Podcast because a large number of podcast fans use Spotify to listen to podcasts, and Spotify pays a good amount for each stream of your Podcast.

I have provided detailed steps with screenshots and videos for uploading podcasts or music to Spotify for free on You can post a podcast to Spotify for free by following this article.

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