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Spotify Hired New CFO

Spotify Hired New CFO (Chief Financial Officer) “Christian Lugia”. He will be joining Spotify in the third quarter of this financial year, 2024,

Tweet from Spotify News to change CFO

Christian Luiga Work History

  • He has been working with “SAAB” as CEO & CFO since 2020. SAAB is a European defense and security company which manufactures products and provides services & solutions for army defense and civil security
  • He has also been working with “Telia”, a European telecommunication company, as CEO, CFO, and President since 2009.

Christian Lugia’s Roles in Spotify as New CFO

As a new CFO for Spotify, He will be based in Sweden and will have responsibilities of

  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Audit and Risk
  • Investors Relation
  • Accounting Corporate Development
  • Tax and Treasury

Spotify Verdicts

Spotify said “Ben Kung”, who is vice president of Financial Planning, will be working as the current CFO until “Christian Luiga” joins Spotify. Spotify aims for continuous profitability and growth; that’s why it made this decision to lay off 17% of its workforce and hire a new CFO.

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