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How to Change Spotify Username | Spotify Change Username

Like every social media platform, Spotify also assigns a unique username to all its users. In the beginning, as new users, we don’t think about it and pick a random username, but after some time, we realize by seeing the trend or our friends’ and celebrities’ usernames and want to change them.

Spotify doesn’t let you modify your username like other social media sites, but you can always change your display name or profile name. Follow the article, and I will explain why and How to change Spotify username.

Can you change your Spotify username?

Difference between Username and Display name

Spotify Username

A username is like a passport number. Every Spotify user has a unique or different username, and it differentiates the users among themselves. Because many people may have the same name, but to differentiate every user, Spotify gives a unique name to every user.

The username will be shown to the user, or if he shares his profile link with someone, it will be mentioned in the URL; otherwise, no one can see each other’s username.

Spotify Display Name

A display name is shown on every user’s profile and to all the followers and friends of that user. You can customize your display name to whatever you want to see as often as possible.

How to change Spotify Username (display name) on Mobile (Android/IOS)

How to change the display name on a PC or Laptop

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

Because it is a unique name and when you select a username once as a new user, you cannot change it later, and because you use your username to log in to your Spotify account, it must be unique for every user.

You can see your username by clicking the profile icon in the Spotify app in the account section.

I have explained the steps in detail and attached a screenshot of every step above in this article. You can read and change it easily by following every step.

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