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How to clear Queue Spotify 2024 (Android/ iPhone/ PC)

We all use Spotify or other music streaming apps, and we use to listen to the songs we added to our queue list. At some point, we are bored with the same list, but some of us don’t know how to clear the Queue, and some don’t know how to add songs to the Queue.

Clear Queue Spotify will let you remove all songs from the list that you are bored of listening to. You can clear the whole list and make a new queue list. You can also remove selective songs as well and add new ones. The queue button in Spotify is for only those who have premium subscriptions.

What is Queue on Spotify?

A queue is a group or a list of anything like people, objects, or songs arranged in a sequence. For Example, a group of people standing in a line waiting for their turn. You can add or remove any song from the Queue and rearrange them according to your criteria like by date, length, or likings.

How to Clear Queue Spotify?

I have mentioned in detail step by step guide to Clear Queue Spotify

How to Clear Queue Spotify on Android or IOS

The method on Android and IOS is the same

  • Open the Spotify app on your device
  • Play any song you want and open the song in full screen so you can see its cover photo
  • Click on the queue button shown at the bottom right corner of the screen (≡)
  • Click the clear queue button, and the Queue will be cleared

How to Clear Queue Spotify on PC/ Web/ Mac

  • Launch Spotify on your desktop, laptop, PC, MAC or Web
  • Play any song in the full window so that its cover photo should be shown
  • Click the queue button at the bottom middle of the screen (≡)
  • Press the button labeled “clear queue.”

How to access Queue on Spotify?

How to remove some of the songs from the Queue?

As I have mentioned above, in clear queue steps, you can go to the queue section by clicking the queue button and mark the songs you wish to remove from the Queue, then click on the remove button, and your marked songs will be removed from the Queue. You can see screenshot of step 4 given above.

How do I add songs on Queue?

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have the queue button on Spotify, then you probably don’t have the premium plan because the queue button is only available in the Spotify Premium plan.

Spotify queue lets you save and arrange the list of your favorite songs. While listening to the songs, you can add any song to the Queue and play it later when you want.

Spotify queue limit is around 70 to 80 songs. You can add up to 80 songs to your queue list.

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