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How to connect Spotify to Alexa?

Technology progresses quickly and helps us perform multiple tasks simultaneously, making life easier. Suppose you are cooking in your kitchen and want to listen to songs; you speak loudly to play your favorite music, and the song plays; how cool is that?

You don’t need to touch your phone; the job is done with a simple command. This is what happens when you connect Spotify to Alexa. How to connect Spotify to Alexa? I have explained all the steps in detail with screenshots.

Supported Devices to Link Spotify to Alexa

You must ensure you have any device listed below to play Spotify on Alexa because Spotify only supports these devices.

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Amazon Tap
  • Amazon FireTV cube
  • Facebook Portal/ Portal+
  • All Sonos players

How to connect Spotify to Alexa?

Set Spotify as the Default Music Player on Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Tap on “More”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Click on “Your Default Services.”
  5. Under the Music section, you will see your selected “Default Music Player,” and there will be a button “Change.” Click on that and select “Spotify.”
  6. Spotify will be set to your default music player.

Can you connect Alexa to multiple Spotify accounts?

Yes, by using a feature called “Amazon Household,” you need to connect with multiple Amazon accounts, and on each Amazon account, you can connect a different Spotify account. In this way, you can connect Alexa to multiple Spotify accounts.

screenshot of how to connect alexa to multiple spotify accounts step 1
screenshot of how to connect alexa to multiple spotify accounts step 2

How to use Spotify with Alexa? How do you give commands to Alexa to play music?

First, you must ensure that both Spotify and Alexa are connected and your speakers are turned on. Then, by giving voice commands like,

  • Alexa, Play “We don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth on Spotify.
  • Alexa, Skip: “We don’t talk anymore.”
  • Alexa, Repeat, “We don’t talk anymore.”
  • Alexa, Pause. “We don’t talk anymore.”
  • Alexa, Resume: “We don’t talk anymore”
  • Alexa, Go Back To “We don’t talk anymore.”
  • Alexa, Increase Volume
  • Alexa, Decrease Volume
  • Alexa, “What’s playing right now?”
  • Alexa, Shuffle my “Romantic” Spotify Playlist

Play Songs in Specific Areas of your House

If you want to play in a specific area of your House, you can give voice commands like

  • Alexa, Play my “Romantic” Spotify Playlist in “Room
  • Alexa, Play my “Romantic” Spotify Playlist in “Kitchen
  • Alexa, Play my “Romantic” Spotify Playlist in “Lobby

But remember, if you are playing in a specific area of your House and your brother gives a command from his room, then the song you played will be changed to what he commands.

Play different songs in different areas of your House

Suppose you want to play different songs in different parts of your House. In that case, you must use “Amazon Household” and connect multiple Amazon accounts on each Amazon account, connect a different Spotify account, and every time a member of your House wants to play a song, they need to ask Alexa to switch profile to “Name of Profile.”

How to Disconnect or Unlink Spotify from Alexa

Through Alexa App

  • Follow the first five steps above, and you will see two options, “Settings” & “Disable Skill.”
  • Click on Disable Skill, and Spotify will be disconnected or removed from Alexa.
How to disconnect or unlink spotify to alexa step 6

Through Spotify

  • Log in to your Spotify account on the web
  • Click on your Profile Icon and tap on “Account.”
  • Select “Manage Apps” and click on “Remove Access”

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